Power Flushing

What Is A Power Flush?


A power flush is a cleaning procedure for central heating systems.


Why Would I Need One?


Over time a build up of corosion occurs within your central heating system which can create a sludge type substance.  This sludge can affect the efficiency of your boiler, so a system power flush is worthwhile having, especially as you will only have to have it done once.


How Does It Work?


As it is a deep clean you will only have to have this cleaning procedure done once.  The power flush will clean the inside of your central heating system, remove the build up of sludge, ensures there are no cold spots and your radiators heat up properly.  This will help keep your heating bills down, reduce the risk of breakdowns and will prolong the life of your whole system.


To find out more about how this works please watch the short informative video opposite: